Last week, our legislators rushed a last-minute bill through the Az legislature that fundamentally transformed the election of Precinct Committeemen (PCs). Governor Ducey signed it so fast heads were spinning.

HB2839 grants full authority to each county’s political party committees to select their PCs from the interested candidate pool. Over the last few days, most of the 85 lawmakers who cast “aye” votes for the legislation now say they did not realize what they were voting for.

Nearly every House Representative and Senator voted yes without reading the bill. 

Precinct committeemen are voting members of a political party’s legislative district organization. They select the district’s chair and other leadership positions, select members of their party’s state committee, and if legislators from their district and their party vacate their seats, the precinct committeemen select a list of candidates to fill the vacancy.

PCs form the activist base of Arizona’s political partiesThey are WE THE PEOPLE!

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