America Is Worth Fighting For

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America’s strength lies in its UNITY of purpose!


We believe people can govern themselves and the government must protect our right to do so.


It has been through inaction that Americans have “consented” to the steady decline of our freedoms. Our individual rights have eroded away slowly in response to our inaction and belief that the government can “fix” our problems. 


America’s identity is being erased. Many, like us, fear our nation is being replaced by an open border regime that has lost morality, honesty, and integrity. 


American history is an amazing accomplishment of how diverse people with varying backgrounds worked and fought together “to form a more perfect union”.... This is my America and it is worth fighting for! 

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America Pack believes the future of America is too important to sit by and ‘hope for the best’. Our great country faces scary times due to citizen complacency and government overreach. 


We are facing unprecedented times and WE MUST RESPOND. The decisions we make today will impact future generations! It is time to PAY IT FORWARD! That means YOU.