Strengthen America by holding our elected officials accountable, recruit and support constitutional conservative candidates, and adhere to American values.

“I felt like I was alone and that no one had the same concerns as me. Thank you for giving me a group I know I can work with towards a better future”

“I’ve wanted to make a difference but I didn’t know how to get involved, it was so easy”

“Finding a group with my same values was difficult but it was worth the wait. I know I belong here and am accepted.”


America Pack is a high performance, community based grassroots model incorporating team and leadership development. We teach aspiring and seasoned activists and leaders how to inspire, empower, lead, and maintain effective citizen teams. Our model is distinguished by integrating education, activism, motivation, and organizational elements with Judeo-Christian, Constitutional Conservative values.

Our rights are God-given, not government driven. 

Valerie Grosso Turley | Founder